TeamNet: A Family Team Communication App

TeamNet: A Family Team Communication App

Have you been receiving emails from TeamNet Demosphere and wondering what the heck this is? Let us explain!

For the Fall 2019 season, we will begin to use the TeamNet app, which allows us to better communicate with families. TeamNet is an extension of Demosphere. You can download the app to your phone. If you choose not to use the app, you will still receive TeamNet communications via the email address you used for registering your player. So downloading the app is up to you, but you won't miss out on anything if you choose not to get the app!

For the Fall 2019 season, we are allowing coaches and other team staff to choose how they want to communicate to families. Some staff members may still prefer to contact you "old school" via your phone or a group email/text, while others prefer the convenience of TeamNet. We don't want to overwhelm any of our volunteer staff with technology requirements. So if your team isn't using TeamNet as often as other teams, this is the reason.

To get the app, click the appropriate link below:

TeamNet on Google Play (Android)

TeamNet on Apple Store (iOS)