Register for Spring Competitive Soccer!

Register for Spring Competitive Soccer!


The Spring Competitive League regsitration window runs December 1st through January 31st.

The window will remain open through February 28th for an additional $100 late registration fee.



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For the competitive league this season, each player will receive a full uniform (jerseys, shorts, socks) that they will keep. The cost is included with the registration fee.


  • Please register if your player is interested! Last spring several players hesitated to register because they were unsure of team numbers. We will refund your payment method if, for some reason, there are not enough players to roster a team at your player's level. We need your initial registration to determine this; please do not make assumptions and miss registration deadlines!
  • You will see player levels as follows: U10 Boys & Girls, U12 Boys & Girls, U14 Boys & Girls, U16/19 HS Boys. We have run co-ed teams in the past, but there was interest in all girls/all boys teams. Therefore we are going to try and see if we can roster these. As registrations come in, levels may be adjusted and changed back to co-ed teams due to numbers. You will be notified. Also note, we strive not to have players "playing up" in competitive league.

  • Game & Tournament Schedule:





Rice Lake (or Menomonie) Jamboree

U10, U12, U14
5/10/20 expect HS Boys to play this date, though not set at this time

5/15/20 - 05/17/20

Rivertown Tournament in Hudson

U10, U12, U14, HS Boys


Memorial Weekend (no soccer)


Ashland Jamboree

U10, U12, U14


expect HS Boys to play this date, though not set at this time


Hayward Jamboree

U10, U12, U14


expect HS Boys to play this date, though not set at this time

6/12/20 - 6/14/20

Eau Claire United Tournament


Oshkosh on the Water Tournament

U10, U12, U14, HS Boys

*District 9 is still working out the Jamboree schedule as more teams are added to the District, but this is where it sits now. Check back for updates as the schedule is finalized.

*Expect to play 2 games minimum at Jamborees & 3 games minimum at tournaments.

Do not hesitate to contact us with other questions at!