About the Fun With Soccer Program

Looking for fun this spring but aren't old enough to play competitive?

About the Fun With Soccer Program

Fun with Soccer is an alternative for players who are eager to play during the Spring but unable to because they do not meet the minimum age requirement. This program is low cost and has a minimal time commitment for players and families. Typically, this program includes one session of fun skill work per week, for 6 weeks in spring. 

We are extremely excited for our fourth year of Fun with Soccer. Our first couple of years were a great success as 50+ wonderful players joined us each year. We hope to make this year even better than last by using all that we have learned from prior years.

Determining Age Groups for Registration

Use the chart below to determine which age group to register your player in for the upcoming season.

Birth Year Program

Age Level to Register for Spring Competitive

Program Registration Fees
2017 FWS n/a $30
*must be age 4 prior to April 1st*
2016 FWS n/a $30
2015 FWS n/a $30
2014 FWS n/a $30
2013 FWS n/a $30
2012 Spring Competitive U10 Coed $175
2011 Spring Competitive U10 Coed $175
2010 Spring Competitive U12 Coed $225
2009 Spring Competitive U12 Coed $225
2008 Spring Competitive U15 Coed $250
2007 Spring Competitive U15 Coed $250
2006 Spring Competitive U15 Coed $250
HS Boys U18 $275
2005 Spring Competitive HS Boys U18 $275
2004 Spring Competitive HS Boys U18 $275
2003 Spring Competitive HS Boys U18 $275

*Scholarships available upon request.